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Within me is a sanctuary

One lovely person in my Mussar group said something about the peace and sanctuary of meditation.  Something about what she said really resonated with me and I thought about taking the Ecclesiastes text from part of that lesson and creating … Continue reading

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Seek to fulfill your purpose each day

Last week in my mussar study group, we discussed the soul-trait of “moderation,” neither too much nor too little of any one action or thing.  Interestingly, the next trait we’ll be studying is “responsibility,” which is taken to mean “bearing … Continue reading

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Where on earth…

… have you been??? I know, I know, and I’m sorry.  Some things have had to give, you know? I am thinking through a great many things the past couple of weeks. Adorable. On doing too much: In my small … Continue reading

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Dear Lady Jane: on your heart’s true value

Dear Lady Jane, When you ask to borrow my phone, I know it’s to watch a You Tube video.  I have about 50 educational apps on there but you usually bypass those.  You like the DIY craft videos, the Nerdy … Continue reading

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Mussar-themed art

Mussar teaches that life is a curriculum, that each of us is meant to master something in our life.  Mussar is composed of the study of specific inner traits.  My study partner asked me to create a piece of art for her … Continue reading

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Is struggle necessary for growth?

We must have times when our hearts struggle and break open.  I think perhaps it is only when our heart is broken that we are truly without ego, present to the awareness within us.  The Kotzker Rebbe said “there is … Continue reading

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