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Wide Open: a photography exploration

I just found this post in my “drafts” folder. It’s from 2.5 years ago, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to post it now.  I actually just pulled out my new camera and the handbook I bought about it so … Continue reading

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Bless the Yes

Before we get to the point of this post, I have to first tell you that I was doing an excellent job in slowing down and enjoying life. That lasted for about 4 weeks and I definitely plan to get … Continue reading

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The silver lining

As part of a class I’m taking, I have been trying to bring to mind any life experiences that I perceived as negative at the time they occurred but that ultimately brought about blessings, or at least good things that … Continue reading

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Goodbye to our house

Dear Our House, Are you still considered an “unresolved loss?” I know that we are saying goodbye to you, but maybe I haven’t fully accepted it because strong emotion sneaks up on me when I least expect it.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Word strip art

I’d like to tell you about a project I just completed and then implore you never to attempt it yourself.  Why? It is tedious, visually tiring, and just plain silly. Add a new kitten to the mix and you would … Continue reading

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An experiment: allowing space to breathe

I’m happy to say that I have finally convinced myself that I’ve done enough… for now.  I certainly didn’t believe it 20 years ago, or 10, or even 5.  1 year ago I was running hard, full of commitments that … Continue reading

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