Start with noticing

Tree and skyFor 38 years now, I have thought that external events and people shaped my life and that I was living within the small framework of my ability to respond to those events.  I could give you endless examples of how a friend’s rejection could shake me to my core.  I was letting things outside of myself determine how I thought of myself, what mood I was in, and how I responded to everything else.

No more.  There is no reason to give anyone or anything that much power over us.

Bridge in snowThe very first step of beginning to think in a larger way seems to be simply noticing how you are reacting to things within your own mind and body.  Michael Singer writes a great deal about this separation between your thoughts and your true self in The Untethered Soul.  I wrote a great deal about this amazing little book, but to give you the gist: You are not your thoughts, feelings, or opinions.  You are that still, quiet being inside noticing those things, moving through those things, observing, breathing, loving.

PlantThis is mindfulness and mindful living.  Notice how the coffee cup feels between your palms.  Notice how someone’s voice sounds in your head.  Notice how your feet feel as you place one foot in front of another.  Notice what goes through your head as you’re hearing the news, or a friend talks with you, or when looking out the window.  Notice whether you are observing, making judgments, jumping to conclusions, feeling gratitude, feeling anxious… simply notice.  This will help you separate your true self from everything else.

Then we can start from there.

Bubbles in waterWhat do you think of this? Do you notice an internal shift when you reclaim that power that you’ve given away and decide for yourself how you are going to feel?

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4 Responses to Start with noticing

  1. Lori says:

    Love this!!! I teach mindfulness to my students but not nearly as articulately as you!!! Thanks for the lesson!!

  2. Reba Linker says:

    Beautiful post and spectacular photos. So glad you are sharing your gifts with us all.
    Reba Linker recently posted…Wandering in the DesertMy Profile

  3. Dan Teck says:

    Thought-provoking words — and your pictures certainly reinforce your message, since they make me sit up and NOTICE! Beautiful! 🙂 And good for you to reclaim your power — to be the shaper of your life, rather than merely reacting to externals. So inspiring! 🙂
    Dan Teck recently posted…Don’t Wait for a TragedyMy Profile

  4. Naomi says:

    Reba, thank you so much for visiting!

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