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Hello beginnings! I’m super excited to begin a second year with Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class.  I selected stillness as my word for this year.  I really wanted it to be stop, as in physically stopping myself when I recognize that I’m getting carried away with little tasks, but that didn’t seem as all-encompasing as stillness.  I want to continue my focus on being mindful, last year’s word, so stillness it is.

be still necklace

My necklace is from the fabulous Lisa Leonard.  She sent it with this awesome calendar she created.

OLW lisa leonard

The prompt this month was to establish 12 intentions (word phrases or connections) and then 12 actions related to those intentions.  We will be referring back to these cards each month.


It was fun thinking of the different phrases with the word still in them like “still of the night” and “I’ve still got it.” I aim to use my word in two major ways.  First, to physically stop all the nervous flitting about I seem to do and second, to cultivate an inner calm; to quiet the heck down inside my head! Wish me luck, friends.  (BTW, the little calendar tickets I used are by 7 gypsies.)

Our first blog hop of the year has 26 participants! I hope to get to all of them in the next few days.  If you’re playing along, head over to visit Pam next.  Our full list is at the end of this post.  You can see other posts about my OLW project here.

* * * * *

In related news, our Life Book assignment this week is also about our word or our goals for the year.  We are making a game board as a visual of our personal journey into 2013. Interestingly, I started making it about stillness but it ended up being more about my art/creativity goals instead, which I’ve identified as learning and playing.  It’s not finished yet, but you can see the game board I made and the obstacles and encouragement along the way, as well as my goal cards and the little pocket they will stay in.  The cards (gessoed and painted Bicycle playing cards) have notes/writing on the other side.  The game piece (markers) represents me ready to begin new learning adventures this year.  The lesson: it is crucial that each of us makes time for what matters to us.

LB gameboardLB cards  * * * * *

You may need to manually type in these addresses while I try to fix some of these links.

Lee: http://thelinarstudio.typepad.com/embracelife/

Cheri: cheriandrews.blogspot.com

Lisa: http://backtoallen.com/category/challenges/one-little-word/

Lynn: www.crafty-creativity.blogspot.com

Nikki: www.inkyart.com.au

Kathryn: www.katlodesigns.com

Missus Wookie: mrswookieswanderings.blogspot.com

Veronica: www.veronicanorris.typepad.com

Eydie: www.whatwecreate.net

Karen: http://womenontractors.blogspot.com

Kelly: http://www.septemberblue.net

Melanie: http://mellybirddesigns.wordpress.com

Valerie: http://naughtystamper.blogspot.com/

Marya: www.lotustreecrafts.com

Nupur: http://woodpeckertales.com

Angela: angelanoel.com

Janet: http://lifeinsideascrapbookroom.blogspot.com

Dona: http://orangegearle.blogspot.com/

Ruth: http://suburbansahm.blogspot.com/

Naomi: http://www.poeticaperture.com/ <— You are here.

Pam: http://pammiek.blogspot.com/ <— Go here next.

Kara: http://iwannabemewhenigrowup.blogspot.com

Margareta: http://www.paperpilekitten.com/

Tricia: http://onecreativemom.wordpress.com/

Jacqueline: http://goodwolve.blogs.com/jacqueline/

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18 Responses to OLW blog hop: beginnings

  1. Awesome art!
    Margareta Carlsson recently posted…One Little Word Blog Hop!My Profile

  2. have oh so much fun dancing with your one little word, friend:)
    I think of still waters.
    And prayers that you and your little word sing to each other all year long
    “we’re still having fun, and you’re still the one.”
    I love how “still” isn’t a heavy thing like stop can be….it’s light and even playful.
    I think the best stuff always comes out of playful:)
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted…thick with wild hope…My Profile

  3. Marya says:

    Stillness is a great word. I could use more of that in my life too. Good luck with it, sounds like it’s going to be a challenging but rewarding year.
    Marya recently posted…one little word blog hop (jan intention)My Profile

  4. Lee says:

    Your cards are beautiful! Ah, still … someday 🙂 Thanks for joining in the blog hop!
    Lee recently posted…ONE little WORD | February Blog HopMy Profile

  5. Ruth says:

    Such a great word ~ and one that could find a home with me! Beautiful opening page.
    Ruth recently posted…One Little Word 2013: Blog HopMy Profile

  6. Cathy H. says:

    Wonderful word, Naomi! Your artwork on our cards and your game is so inspiring! I need to take some time this year and be more creative with art!
    Cathy H. recently posted…Walk and Click Wednesdays ~ January 30, 2013My Profile

  7. Nikki Sadler says:

    love your word – brings a sense of calm, something we could all do with I think. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

  8. Well as a Quaker stillness is something important to me – hope it is a wonderful word for you this year. Your game is so true – both the not enough time and little hands interfering… Stillness and pre-schoolers aren’t always a natural pairing of course 🙂

    Mine are much bigger so while they still interfere on occasion, they help out now too. Look forward to seeing how your game and word develop – hope you enjoy the journey of discovery!
    Missus Wookie recently posted…OLW 2013 February 1st Blog HopMy Profile

  9. Karen DiPasquale says:

    Such wonderful creativity! Beautiful layouts.

  10. melanie says:

    Stillness is such a wonderful word choice. I look forward to following your journey with this word all year.

  11. Bec Kilgore says:

    Great word and I love what you have posted so far. You are inspiring me to catch up on January! Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. Kelly S. says:

    Lovely, lovely work. Your word is so calming. Best of luck on your journey this year!

  13. Nupur says:

    Naomi, I liked your word. It is so deep and profound. I think this word would help me add ‘grace’ in my life and assist with my OLW ‘graceful’. Your artwork is lovely.
    Nupur recently posted…OLW Blog Hop – February 2013My Profile

  14. Cheri says:

    I’m still making the rounds for this hop. Love your word stillness and your art is beautiful.
    Cheri recently posted…Story Telling Sunday – My Precious 2My Profile

  15. Naomi says:

    Oh, DO catch up, Bec, so we can all see what you’ve got cookin over there. It is so nice to do this as a group.

  16. Naomi says:

    That’s true, Jennifer! Thank you for saying that stillness is light and stop is more weighted. I like that!

  17. Lisa says:

    You never cease to amaze me. It’s taken me far too long to get through the hop this month, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing how your word is influencing your year so far. And the perk to being behind? I loved seeing your vision board 🙂
    Lisa recently posted…A Letter to My Disgruntled DaughterMy Profile

  18. Naomi says:

    Oh thank you, Lisa. I completely understand it taking a while to get through everyone’s posts! Thank goodness it’s only once a month, right?

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