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Wide Open: a photography exploration

I just found this post in my “drafts” folder. It’s from 2.5 years ago, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to post it now.  I actually just pulled out my new camera and the handbook I bought about it so … Continue reading

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The house of belonging

I created this canvas after watching the “belonging” section of Brené Brown’s “Kitchen Table Parenting” series. Brené teaches: “Belonging is the innate human desire to be a part of something larger than us.  Because this yearning is so primal, we … Continue reading

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Is struggle necessary for growth?

We must have times when our hearts struggle and break open.  I think perhaps it is only when our heart is broken that we are truly without ego, present to the awareness within us.  The Kotzker Rebbe said “there is … Continue reading

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2014 intention: let everything happen

It seems the thing to do right now is set some goals for the New Year.  Do you do that? Well, I am not going to.  I know that each and every one of the next 365 days will be … Continue reading

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Letter to my daughter

I’m replaying some old posts while I take some time to relax with my family.  This one originally ran 1/26/11. My sweet girl, You are innocence.  Imagination.  Authenticity.  You are my best self.  Pure.  Unedited. I watch you in an … Continue reading

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When you open your heart

Leo Babauta blogged recently about how fear can keep us from doing many of the things we know we should be doing… mundane tasks like eating well all the way to life-changing acts of pursuing our dreams.  We are afraid … Continue reading

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