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Mixed-media works in progress

These are the canvases I’m excited to get back to now that the word art project is finished.

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Living our values

“It’s one thing to know that you’re a loving person.  It’s quite another to express it.“  I found this quotation written on a scrap of paper on the mess that is my desk.  I am pretty sure it came from Neale Donald … Continue reading

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I have succumbed to the kindle

It was probably just a matter of time.  I held out for 7 years. A surprising benefit for me is that little “4 hrs 35 mins left in book” at the bottom of the screen.  That kept me from reading into … Continue reading

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Flow magazine: an ode to creativity and paper

I’ve got to tell you guys about this amazing magazine for paper lovers called flow.  It’s from Amsterdam and has been around for years, but only recently in an international edition.  It is also about positive psychology, imperfection, and life’s … Continue reading

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This is for those of us who power-wash our power-washers

It takes great courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, imperfect, ourselves.  To set boundaries and to let go our our ideas of perfection. It’s not really a revelation to me that I could use some self-compassion.  I’m taking Brené … Continue reading

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Healing through authenticity, empathy, and mindfulness: Life Book recap

July (Authenticity), August (Empathy), and September (Mindfulness) in Life Book 2013 focused on the overarching theme of Healing.  I got WAY behind after my daughter’s summer camp program ended in mid-July and so I’ve finally caught up and would love … Continue reading

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