First-world problems

I’m going to a 4-day Mussar conference. As soon as I come back, I have 14 pieces for sale at a school holiday market fundraiser, a kickoff Book Fair planning meeting (agendas and calendars ready), and 2 intimate birthday parties for SG: one Saturday (favors – check) and one Sunday (kitty decor and supplies ordered), plus cupcake toppers for the cupcakes we “have” to take to school, immediately followed by Chanukah.

Let’s add to that that our house plans are done so it is time to pick materials and meet with the builder to finalize the contract and also the bank construction loan, as well as shutting off electric, gas and water to our home so we can demo it before the end of the year. I’m arranging to take down light fixtures we want to keep, as well as sell our air conditioners, oven, and wine fridge. That is enough, however there’s more: we are looking for a house to rent for a January move in. In the last three days we have seen a lot of homes!

So picture me trying to schedule rental house showings having lost my voice (Mr. B says I sound like Demi Moore), driving all over town from one house to another, to the grocery store, to Target, trying to get everything arranged for Mr. B before my trip, hunting down special items at craft stores, and doing it all with glue and paint on my hands.

All that being said, I’m pretty organized and so it’s all mostly taken care of.  The birthday and Chanukah gifts are wrapped and numbered and hidden in my closet.  The art is almost done.  The house rental application is completed.  Lots of hoarse phone calls have been made. I do have a list of other things to accomplish, but it’ll all get done in time.  I’m ready to enjoy my time away and possibly get some rest.

Oh wait… I’m not packed…

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