Mixed-media works in progress

These are the canvases I’m excited to get back to now that the word art project is finished.

Layers of paper and paint. This one is finished.

I had some extra paint from another canvas so I just put it on the canvas and played around with a stencil. Definitely not finished!

I love wonky houses… just playing around with this. I think it will have a quotation about family eventually.

This one is going to be for SG. She wants it to say “Home is where you hang your heart.”

Coming along. I added a funky ribbon I found. Probably needs some text and embellishments.

The top one is mostly done. It says “Be the light.”  I’ll probably add some edging.  The bottom one is going to be for SG and will say “Love is in the air.”

My assistant is into the details. And the supplies.

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