Revealing my new create space

You already know that I’m addicted to craft supplies like paper and embellishments.  You’ve seen those posts (linked above) and so you probably won’t be surprised to know that I also love organizing (especially organizing craft goodies like paints and markers) just about anything… a junk drawer, a closet, a file cabinet.  I’ve been drooling over magazines like “Where Women Create” and the “Better Homes and Gardens” quarterly storage issue.  I have also been doing so much more art lately and so I wanted a better space in which to do it, but didn’t want to spend very much money. Here’s the end result:


Let me take you on a little tour…

First I had to completely empty the room, no small feat.   That Expedit bookcase is full of books that I carried into our dining room so we could move it to a different wall.  We also have a pullout sofa for guests that is very heavy that we moved across the room.  Midway through the clearing process, my sweet hubby noticed what I was doing! I keep him on his toes every single day with my impulsiveness and unpredictability.  🙂

Here’s the desk area now.  I have a huge inspiraton board above the desk, all my embellishments and stamps within reach, and desktop shelves for the most-used supplies.  The hanging baskets and rod are from Ikea.  I could look at this picture for days… it makes me so happy!

office_desk area_v2

The colorful pens, paints, and markers are my favorite part.  The little drawer is for hard drives and a pad of paper for all my lists.

office_desk shelves



The desktop organizers and these 6 cubes below are from Michaels (on sale for half price).  They are incredibly well-built and simple to assemble.  Having them right below the windowsill, rather than the desk, really opens up the room a lot more.

office_michaels shelves

I like having bigger spaces to keep supplies too.

office_storage boxes

I designated spaces for current class paperwork so it’s easy to reach/file every day. I also made a binder for this blog with a list of all published posts (their category and tags, their date, etc.), future post ideas, etc.  My end goal is to go back through and interlink related posts and make a list of featured posts by category.  Someday.


You can imagine that my daughter is very taken with the new space too, so she has her own cubby.

office_kids boxNext to that and on the wall behind the washi tape/ribbon hanger are narrow shelves for paint.

office_washi and paint

office_paint shelves

And finally, the bookshelf is way more functional now since supplies are within reach.


I have all my craft books and magazines at eye-level.

office_craft booksoffice_class bindersThe process was huge but it was so fun to handle all my supplies again and move them to useful spaces.  What do you think?

“The joy of the creative process, minute by minute, hour after hour, day by day, is the sublime path to true happiness.” ~ George Lois

You can see more “Behind the Art” posts here.
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36 Responses to Revealing my new create space

  1. Sarah says:

    I bet that felt so good when you were done. The room looks awesome. Mine is pretty organized. The trick for me is to keep it that way 🙂

  2. what pure awesomeness!!!!
    oh how delicious and yummy and inviting:)
    a perfect playroom all your own
    ….thanks for sharing,
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted…thick with wild hope…My Profile

  3. awesome creative space you’ve created!! Enjoy!!
    laughwithme45 recently posted…Please follow me at my new blog site http://laughwithme45.blogspot.comMy Profile

  4. What do I think? I think I can’t be your friend anymore! Just KIDDING! But I am envious! It looks WONDERFUL! You are sooooooo organized, and I am soooooooo not.
    But, I HAVE made progress. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the storage piece for the stamps…where did you ever find that??? Exactly what I’ve been looking for!
    janet forrest recently posted…Where Women Create: BusinessMy Profile

  5. RnR says:

    It looks fantastic, Naomi! I am jealous of the space and all the fun stuff that you have to fill it up!

  6. stacie says:

    It looks wonderful Naomi! I love to organize too. Enjoy your space 🙂

  7. Cathy H. says:

    This is fantastic!! I love everything about it! I need to revamp my room and you’ve provided me with some great ideas!!
    Cathy H. recently posted…Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ January 27, 2013My Profile

  8. Erin says:

    Wow! It looks so great and congratulations on an organized space to enjoy and create in!!! Use it often!!

  9. Kim says:

    Awesome! What an inspiration!

  10. Amy Putkonen says:

    Wow. I so love this room! I want one! Perhaps I can take our dining room and totally make it over into a crafting space and we can just eat there now and then? lol…

    What a great way for those of us in Michele Bergh’s blogging forum to get to know you!
    Amy Putkonen recently posted…The Study of Stillness: Part 8My Profile

  11. Arwen says:

    Loved this! Once my son is out of my office (his bedroom, he thinks)…I have such plans! Pinned this so I could remember it.
    Arwen recently posted…Who Will You Stand Up To Today?My Profile

  12. Belinda Rose says:

    Wow! Your space looks amazing! I know this must have been a lot of hard work because I went through a similar process in December. I have been an avid book collector all my life and have hundreds of books and they were everywhere. So I bought some new bookcases and cleared out and reorganized the old ones. Then we cleared out a section of the room to create what I call my sacred writing space. But doesn’t the energy of the room rise when your done!!

  13. Naomi says:

    Janet, A.A. Milne once said, “One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.”

  14. Naomi says:

    Yes, don’t even get me started on books. I have always adored reading and then keeping them to look at… there’s something about looking at the book on my shelf that reminds me of the feeling I had when I was reading it. Since meeting my hubby 12 years ago, I have been encouraged to let that go. I started going to the library instead of the bookstore (imagine how much $ I have saved us!) and with help, I have given lots of books/treasures to others to enjoy. It is so hard but it IS nice to just keep a few and have the breathing space. 🙂

  15. Naomi says:

    Your comment made me laugh because I understand! My 4-year-old gets her hands on just about everything if I’m not careful.

  16. Naomi says:

    You laugh but that’s what Liv Lane did! She calls it her “dudio” because it’s her dining room/studio. I would think a hutch with cabinets and drawers you can lock should be in your future. 🙂

  17. Naomi says:

    P.S. Janet: the stamp storage is from 🙂

  18. Aaaawwwwesome!!! My “studio” is split into about six or seven areas (closet, cupboard, library catalog, under said catalog, bookcases, freestanding areas) and I don’t have one unified space for all my stuff. How fabulous!
    Sue Jorgenson recently posted…It’s all about technique!My Profile

  19. Jane says:

    Just sensational, Naomi. You clever minx! J x
    Jane recently posted…Anxious daysMy Profile

  20. Wendy Poling says:

    Oh my goodness, this is drool-worthy! Thanks so much for sharing, and for the inspiration! 🙂
    Wendy Poling recently posted…Whimsy Girl Affirmations (Artful Creations Day 29)My Profile

  21. Amanda says:

    Wow.. Sooooo jealous.. I would love to spend some time in that room and create with you… Great space!!! Love the pen section too…

  22. Naomi says:

    I sure would love that!!

  23. Oh how I love peeking into the working spaces of creatives! And not only is yours wonderful, but I so clearly feel how excited you are to have a space that inspires and delights you. There’s nothing better than that. I can tell lots of magical stuff is in the works with such a delicious playground.

  24. Kathy Anne says:

    Oh my goodness, Naomi! That is a dreamy space to create. Funny, I just did a video to post later this week about creating a creative space. After seeing yours, I have a long way to go. Thanks for sharing your inspiring room! My daughter loves to hang out with me too. Your daughter is a lucky little girl!
    xo, kathy

  25. I love it. I have my own space but it is shared with a lot of storage and I’m not willing to put it out there, yet. I do love getting things at Michael’s and Joanne’s for storage, especially using a coupon.
    Sheila Skillingstead recently posted…When a door is closedMy Profile

  26. WOW! Breathtaking is the only word I have, this may indeed inspire me to empty my craft room and redo this weekend! Looking forward to the awesome ideas that this space with generate

  27. Wow! You are so organized and I love how easy everything looks to access. Way to go!
    Michele Bergh recently posted…Tips to Overnight SuccessMy Profile

  28. Emily says:

    I love your new space for creating – I have recently moved into a new home and have an office space that could do with your expertise! I think I’ll bookmark or pin some of your images for future reference …
    Emily recently posted…My Inspired Blogging ChallengeMy Profile

  29. 6ftmama says:

    I agree. Your marker storage rocks. Where did you get the piece to hold it?

  30. Naomi says:

    That’s from Michaels too. 🙂 Here’s a link to their storage line: Michaels storage

  31. Naomi says:

    Thank you, Emily! I wish I could help others like that. It’d be so fun! Hmm… food for thought. Enjoy your new space and make it yours. 🙂

  32. Naomi says:

    Thanks, Michele. You know how you realized something about yourself that you didn’t think much about before? I think that’s what is happening here. I would LOVE to be a personal organizer. That sounds like PLAY to me. 🙂

  33. Naomi says:

    Thank you, Gretchen! I’m honored you stopped by. Keep me posted on how it looks! It’s so fun to have your own space! I think Virginia Woolf was on to something.

  34. Naomi says:

    Oh me too! Somehow using a coupon helps abate the guilty part of the pleasure, don’t you think???

  35. Naomi says:

    Yes, I’m very excited about it. Sometimes I come in and just look around at all I have and feel so lucky. 🙂 I sure hope you are right about the magic!

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