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Do you trust your experiences?

Summer is often filled with travel or at least some extra reading time. I’ve been doing a ton of reading, mostly nonfiction, back and forth between a dozen titles on my kindle.  It’s been so fun! I’ll have reviews for … Continue reading

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The gentle innocence of children

I have heard it said that children are our most effective teachers, and I thought I understood what that meant… that they remind us to be curious and present and teach us patience. But there’s more to it.  Children do … Continue reading

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Awakening to wholeness: Live True magazine debut

“Each moment of every day, we have a choice to awaken. Each moment of every day offers an invitation to come fully alive.” ~ Becky Lyter McCleery I have been hiding my talents and dreams for years and years.  I … Continue reading

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A sense of wonder: Alaska’s glaciers, John Muir, and me

Most of my favorite moments have been those filled with wonder… seeing our daughter’s teeny self wiggle around when we had our first pregnancy ultrasound, turning around from the chuppah during our wedding ceremony to marvel at all the people … Continue reading

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October 1 OLW blog hop: an opportunity to grow

Every so often, usually when I’m on one of my house straightening whirlwinds, my daughter will grab one of those little Post-it notes I made a couple months back that are supposed to remind me to “Breathe” or “Be still” … Continue reading

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July 1 OLW blog hop: mid-year check-in

Hello friends! More than any other year (for me), this one is flying by at turbo speed.  It’s crazy! This month, Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class assignment was to check-in with ourselves and our progress.  What’s working and what’s … Continue reading

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