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The politics of fear and a call for transformation

Picking a leader for our country is obviously not a simple process, but the fact that our choices narrowed down to someone many do not trust on one hand and a mercurial misogynist in love with fame and capitalism on the … Continue reading

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What do we tell the kids?

Scene: The family car. Me: “Why are all the flags at half-mast?” Mr. B: “Ah, you didn’t see the news yet.” SG piping up from the back seat: “What are you guys talking about?” Do you tell them anything??? I’ve … Continue reading

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Living with an open heart

The antidote for hate and violent acts is not more hateful acts.  No matter what unkind events are occurring in the world, and there are always many, we must monitor our stress and anger levels, not giving in to the darkness, … Continue reading

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