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Taking stock mid-way

We are exactly halfway into our Jewish year… 6 months past Rosh Hashanah and we have just completed Pesach.  It’s the perfect time to assess how we are doing with our goals and intentions for the year and what we … Continue reading

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All you need is LESS

Being AWARE of whatever is causing stuck energy in your body, your house, your mind, etc. is supposed to be the secret to conquering clutter.  It makes sense that examining the underlying why of doing something will help us overcome it.  It’s the … Continue reading

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I love it… I really do

WHY would I spend so much time and energy on beautifying my home? I must love doing it.  I have been complaining that it’s taken over absolutely everything, but that is because of the way I’ve dived into 20 projects … Continue reading

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I care too much

Today I’m sharing something that I’m pretty sure someone out there is going to disagree with, and perhaps that person is correct.  Perhaps it is more admirable to feel deeply.  Let me know what you think… (I wrote this post … Continue reading

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Must slow down!

I am catching up today on my photo books and blog books from 2013 going forward.  I got to this post from July 2014 about all the classes and the whirlwind that was going on at the time.  In the … Continue reading

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You say it’s your birthday???

To me, a very happy birthday includes some meaningful recognition from your family and a few close friends that you matter to them.  It includes a bit of reflection along with looking forward to the year ahead.  I don’t need … Continue reading

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