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An experiment: allowing space to breathe

I’m happy to say that I have finally convinced myself that I’ve done enough… for now.  I certainly didn’t believe it 20 years ago, or 10, or even 5.  1 year ago I was running hard, full of commitments that … Continue reading

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Write yourself a permission slip

Remember that feeling of going to school with a handwritten note in hand from a parent? A note that held the power to excuse you from gym class or from an absence? Somehow that note left no questions unanswered because everything … Continue reading

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Wishing you the best

Walking to school yesterday morning, I looked up at the sky and could hardly believe how resplendent it seemed.  I realized that I don’t look up nearly enough.  Looking down at my phone’s calendar and to-do lists isn’t nearly as fulfilling. Since … Continue reading

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Soulful home – more is less

“Even the smallest changes in our daily routine can create incredible ripple effects that expand our vision of what is possible.” ~ Charles F. Glassman It can be hugely draining to be surrounded by lots of stuff.  By “stuff,” I mean … Continue reading

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Happy anniversary to us!

I thought I’d rerun this anniversary post another year later, updating 12 reasons my husband is right for me to 13 reasons since it’s now been 13 (mostly) wonderful years.  I was surprised to see that it had gotten 375 views! … Continue reading

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Ahhh… rest

My sweet girl had a couple days when she was home sick last week, and while I was resistant to rearranging all my to-dos and appointments, it was admittedly nice to hang around the house and slow down. I spent … Continue reading

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