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Opposing perspectives – sometimes the glass is half empty

There’s definitely two ways to look at things and I usually choose the positive viewpoint. Yesterday, however, I was just not feelin’ it. I wasn’t feeling 100% physically and I desperately needed some me time.  Being tired and irritated is … Continue reading

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The reasons I’m exhausted

It really is always something, of course, and I realize it’s a matter of perspective.  I’m lucky to have to have any of these “problems,” I know.   That said, I’m TIRED! Capital T tired.  I am starting to see … Continue reading

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Exiting the laborynth

Pam England, in her book Birthing From Within, explained that after a woman delivers a baby, it takes about three years for her to emerge from what she terms the “laborynth,” an intricate maze of hormonal ups and downs, identity and … Continue reading

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