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Custom mixed-media website header  (2/2014)

Mixed-media magazine cover (2/2014)


Featured Member on Alaska travel website

Sprout #12: The Becoming Issue — 10/15/12


“What is your heart telling you?” — 2/6/14 on Raising Loveliness

Swimming Toward Independence” — 7/21/13 on The Momoir Project

The Shame of Enough” — 3/19/13 on Story of Mum

Allowing Yourself to Shine” — 3/18/13 on Kind Over Matter’s Kind Kindred series

Letter to my Daughter” — 5/1/11 in Points North Magazine

Attached at the Hip” — 3/24/11 on Forever Parenting

Appreciating the Little Things” — 1/9/11 on The Momoir Project Blog


5-week Photo-Essay Series with Amy Putkonen (10/23/13-11/20/13)


Moms Who Click‘s Behind the Lens series — 11/29/12

Stacie Jewelry‘s Artist of the Month series — 8/1/12

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  1. Tanya Chamberlain says:


  2. Kelly McKenzie says:

    Congratulations Naomi. Very inspiring!

  3. Naomi, It’s so nice to see you doing well. I found a picture of you when we moved and it took a little bit, but I found you again. I’m living in Portland, Oregon now. Email me if you would like to catch up. 🙂

  4. Shoshanna! So great to hear from you! I’ll email you soon. 🙂

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