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Where on earth…

… have you been??? I know, I know, and I’m sorry.  Some things have had to give, you know? I am thinking through a great many things the past couple of weeks. Adorable. On doing too much: In my small … Continue reading

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The politics of fear and a call for transformation

Picking a leader for our country is obviously not a simple process, but the fact that our choices narrowed down to someone many do not trust on one hand and a mercurial misogynist in love with fame and capitalism on the … Continue reading

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Let’s do some good!

“If you want to lift yourself up, life up someone else.” ~ Booker T. Washington We were facing 18 days of uninterrupted Sweet Girl time with not much planned… aka, I was very afraid.  I needed structure! So I first … Continue reading

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Why connection is so important

I am writing this on Sweet Girl’s 8th birthday.  I have learned more from being a parent of this child than I’d guess she has learned from me, though who really knows how much we take of each other.  The … Continue reading

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Write yourself a permission slip

Remember that feeling of going to school with a handwritten note in hand from a parent? A note that held the power to excuse you from gym class or from an absence? Somehow that note left no questions unanswered because everything … Continue reading

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September reading

Obviously, September here in blog-land was all about self-compassion.  It was fun to focus on one thing for a month, though I am happy to move on to other fun things.  I will start showing you some before and after … Continue reading

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