A gal walks into a dentist office…

A gal walks into a dentist office.  It’s rather ordinary as offices go.  She’s been here before. In fact, this is her 13th visit.

Why does it warrant mentioning? Because this time is different.

You know how people say that we can only fully appreciate something when we have known it’s opposite? Like since we lost our home, I️ sure am going to love our new one. Or something like that. I️ do agree that it’s the contrast between experiences that gives us a sense of perspective.

I would think that while most children don’t really like going to the dentist, they don’t cause big problems for their parents about it. Mine did. We read books, we took films home to practice taking x-rays (which she never could handle), we had incentives and lots of discussions.  I will spare you the details, but let me just celebrate that on the cusp of her 9th birthday, SG is finally able to go to the dentist for a regular cleaning without requiring 3 or 4 assistants at the ready.  We both left calm and with smiles on our faces.  There were no tears. There was no screaming. There was no harm done to my clothing. I didn’t have to call Mr. B and tell him I need a weekend away.

They told me at all those awful visits that I should not feel bad about any of it and they had seen worse. They told me she would grow out of her fears, control issues, and anxiety. I just didn’t believe it.  I’m fairly positive they talked about us after we left! I have to say I am impressed with their soothing presence all these years.  

So yes, I️ am left with my mouth hanging open in amazement, completely floored at this pleasant experience.  The staff was also rather in shock. We exchanged many an impressed glance.  I left their office in utter shock and feeling completely giddy.  It felt like a milestone had been reached.  Had I let myself, I could have gotten teary and sentimental about how my baby is growing up.

This gives me hope that one day, long after I’m ready for her to, she will grow up and leave home.  🙂

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4 Responses to A gal walks into a dentist office…

  1. Debbie says:

    I love how you wrote about the experience! Love your humor!

  2. Leigh says:

    “You know how people say that we can only fully appreciate something when we have known it’s opposite?” Yes, I do know. And I absolutely love that you’ve written this seemingly ordinary moment through that lens. Beautiful post!

  3. Yes, they do grow up and they do change and fortunately with no bad experiences they get over things quite nicely. We often get more stressed then they do…
    I’m so happy for you both that your last dentist experience was a good one…

  4. Naomi says:

    Thank you, Cheryl. Yes, we can only take responsibility for so much, right?

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