How does Anne Geddes do it???

Sweet Girl wanted a photo of our kitten CoCo siting inside a pumpkin with her head peeking out.  OK, we can make this happen, right? We got a good size pumpkin at our nature center’s patch this weekend.  We enlisted Mr. B to cut the top off. (See Exhibit A below.)

We scooped out the insides and separated the seeds.  CoCo tried to help.

While they were roasting in the oven, we had our photo shoot.  We used my bedspread as a backdrop. We put a toy inside the pumpkin and the best we got were two cats with pumpkin heads.

At one point, they both came over to sniff and lick at the catnip spray we tried using.  (Side note, they are not exactly best buds, but they have their moments when it’s felines united against those crazy humans.)

On to the chair that CoCo was resting on.

We tried placing a treat on the outside rim of the pumpkin, but she just walked around to snatch that.

So, my friends, we had to Photoshop several different photos and the best I could do (without spending more than 10 minutes on this) is below.  You have to fill in the rest with your imagination.

Oh well.  The roasted pumpkin seeds were yummy.  We used butter and salt.  🙂

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2 Responses to How does Anne Geddes do it???

  1. christina says:

    you are so sweet to even TRY! we’ll have to work on your photoshop skills though 😉 makes me adore you all the more. ❤️

  2. What a cute post and such a gallant try. I think she looks great sitting behind the pumpkin.
    Happy Halloween 🎃

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