House redo: closet, laundry, and art room

Our hallway closet was a MESS! It is where we were keeping old electronics, giftwrap, paper plates and serveware, gifts, puzzles and games, travel gear, and some memorabilia.  First I took everything out.  That armoire went elsewhere.   Next, I created categories and put items into the right bin: gifts, specific holidays, extension cords, etc.

Here’s the result of that process – much better.  The left side is all bins. The top is all games and gifts. 

Our awesome handyman built us 2 shelves with a pagboard back.  I keep tools there and underneath are hurricane supplies like batteries, nonperishable food, paper goods, etc.  Now that we have our garage back I can probably move some of this out there.  So now I can walk in to the closet and all is well.Below is our laundry room.  It’s the same except for livening it up with a bold color choice.  I only just hung those pictures today… for this post. So thank you!

And finally, the art room.  I bought drawer units and a desk top from IKEA to have another space where I can work.  I like looking out to the front yard there.  

So that’s all the inside changes… let’s move on to outside!

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