House Redo: Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was not on our list of rooms to transform. Since I got this new ceiling fan in the living room, though, I really wanted one in the bedroom.  I had a brown one with not-so-great lighting, so we put this one up in its place.

Then, when we were at Crate & Barrel purchasing our sofa, we really liked this duvet cover they had, so we replaced the white one we had that was full of stains with a tan/lt. green one.

When we were walking through the house showing someone all the updates, she mentioned that it might be fun to move our dresser into the living room and paint it a fun color.  We didn’t really want to break up the set, so we decided to paint them in place. However, the more we thought about it, the more we decided that ours was very heavy-looking and it’d been 16 years since we got it, so why not try something new? We had already given the armoire to our handyman for his beach rental house since it was taking up closet space.  More on that in a moment.

The master bedroom, as I am sure everyone agrees, is very important as far as setting the mood for a restful night and for intimacy with a spouse (or yourself).  We loved the idea of creating a lighter look that felt more like a retreat space.

A huge change was covering our back wall with this grasscloth wallpaper from AllModern. I got the idea from Brother v Brother on HGTV.

It’s called “Zen Myoki Grasscloth 24’x36″ Stripe Wallpaper” by Brewster Home Fashions.

Here’s our installer Victor putting it up.  He later returned to do the guest bathroom as well.

New wall; old furniture and lamps …These people came to pick up the furniture and take it to a family that was very excited to have it.

I gave away my hand-painted mirror as well.

This is the king bed I decided to purchase from AllModern.  It’s the Carnegie Upholstered Bed by Dwell Studio in Regal Antique White. It was relatively simple to put together. I do wish I’d gotten gray because it blends into the wall behind it.  I may drape a blanket over it or something. 

We also added these glass purple lamps (the others went on the entryway console table).  They are by Elk Lighting and called “Radiant Orchid Blown Glass Table Lamp.”

The turquoise end tables were just for fun.  We don’t have much that we keep in there besides a pad and pen, chargers, and maybe a book or two.  They are the Kingstown Home Cristoff End Tables in Marine Green from Wayfair.  They did not come with the kitty.

Notice that big space on the far wall? I looked absolutely everywhere for a bench that was long enough to look ok on that wall.  I finally ended up ordering the Marlowe Daybed in Diva Snow from Crate & Barrel. It had to be made for us and took 3 months.

It is soooo comfy and a great rest or reading spot.

For the dresser, we chose the Mid-Century 6 drawer in white from West Elm.  It came with these bronze knobs and pulls which I didn’t love.

I switched them out for these below. That in itself took many weeks because the screw lengths were off, the hole locations were different, etc.  Finally, I got it right.

For the corner by the window, I had a High Fashion Home armless chair covered in lavender velvet. It’s so nice and I love sitting there! It also doesn’t come with a cat but he likes it too.  The wall mirror is also from West Elm. The acrylic hexagon table (Ballard Designs) is from the living room.  I like it better in here.

Finally, for the lighting here, I ordered the Modern Capiz Shell Floor Lamp, which comes on a large arm, but when it came it was all wrong for the space.  My handyman helped me take off the lamp part and wire it to hang from the ceiling instead.  It’s the first thing I see when I’m coming into the bedroom and I love it.  It’s on a remote switch that I have velcroed behind the mirror.

And now that it’s spring, I changed out the bedspread for a lighter one.  I discovered the brand Comphy at a spa and I love the softness.

Next: onto the master bathroom! Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to House Redo: Master Bedroom

  1. Cheryl says:

    Everything looks really wonderful..I especially like the long lounge on one wall…A great place for reading and even for a little one to sleep on…I had to laugh when you said you had to get a new dresser because you had yours for 16 years…I have had mine for 49 years and I’m keeping them. LOl We do have everything else new in the bedroom also..but I love my old pine bureau. They don’t make them like that anymore…
    Enjoy your new room.

  2. Naomi says:

    Thank you, Cheryl! I wish you could come by and see it in person. I did like our “old” furniture too and can certainly see keeping it for a lifetime. It was quality and I sort of miss them!

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