Continuing the home tour: daughter’s room

I’d better show you the rest of my house updates (from last summer) before it becomes summer again! This is my daughter’s room BEFORE.  Pink walls, double bed,

When she saw how paint transformed the rest of the house, she really wanted to paint her own room.  I used that as motivation for her to seriously clean up in there.  We ended up doing a bit more than painting… she is 8 now, not really wanting the babyish decor and definitely wanting to make it her own.

We had so much fun transforming it! Here’s our Pinterest board.

First we painted her dresser glossy white and added some multi-colored knobs (Etsy). 

Next, the walls became purple.  Her colors are aqua, lavender, and hot pink.

We spray painted these (Bed Bath & Beyond) jewelry racks.

And on to the ceiling fan.  We took it apart… that took a good hour! I spray painted the blades with a primer and the hardware with aqua paint.

SG helped paint the blades lavender.

Cute! You can see that in the meantime we added drapes…

The next project was searching for a loft bed.  She got that idea in her head and it stayed for quite awhile, so we thought we were safe getting her one.  We used it as motivation for sleeping all night in her bed.  

This was what we had in mind… we bought the bed from Rosenberry Rooms and I bought 2 toy chests and had seat and back cushions made to size.  Of course, when they arrived, the idea was a no go.  I measured wrong and got stuck with very expensive cushions.  We were also going to put these cubbies down there too.

It was so exciting when the bed got delivered!!!

Actually, it was in many parts and was quite a to-do putting it together.

She chose her bedding from Pottery Barn Teen.

And the spin chair…

Ta da! We read stories under there every night.

This is the new light fixture in her bathroom:

And I had to buy this to reach her bed to tuck her in at night!We still have to hang some things up on her walls but she loves it and it looks very nice.

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