House redo: come on in (2)

Continued from Part 1

Our entryway is now a perfect reflection of us.  It’s nice to look at, feels open and spacious, and has a place to sit for a minute while waiting for the pizza delivery guy to show up.


entry-finalOn top of the console piece we have a pair of St. Enimie Round Glass Vases by Design Toscano (via Wayfair); the yellow bowl and the books are from;  I also got a flush mount ceiling fixture from AllModern.



The wall behind the curved wall is now our photo gallery.  I designed a pattern that I liked and then selected 9 favorite photos.  I promise it wasn’t as simple as that… first I hung up brown paper squares, then I kept changing sizes, etc.  Once I’d finalized the pattern, I created it in Excel to figure out the exact dimensions I needed.

photo-pattern-56-pm-pngThe photo sizes are: 1-24″ square; 4-16″ square; and 4- 16×24.  I ordered them from Nations Photo Lab with a 1/2″ black gatorboard backing.  I ended up painting the sides in black again just because they looked cheap they way they came.painting-the-edges

I hung them up with 3M mounting strips. They are very lightweight.  It looks incredible! It won’t be expensive to update with new images as I want to replace them.

img_4739So that’s our entry.  I’ve been keeping it decluttered and have definitely felt a calmness in that area.  I love walking toward the door and seeing the new mirror and console too.  Makes me happy!

Next stop: the playroom!

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One Response to House redo: come on in (2)

  1. Cheryl says:

    A very lovely entrance into your home…it is all so new and fresh…and big. I don’t have an entrance way so to speak but I think it’s nice if you do. The photo wall is awesome. I’ve done one also and know that it is not easy. You had nice space on that wall to get some nice large photo’s up…very nicely done Naomi.

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