Moving beyond fear

sky“If we don’t let ourselves feel, we avoid the depths of our pain – but we also miss out on the depths of our joy and connectedness.  Allow yourself to free fall! Feel what it is to be human – all of it.  We’re all so terrified that if we fall, we’ll never stop.  So we don’t go there.  And in stopping ourselves, we’re impeding our growth.

Embrace the ache.

Breathe in the longing.”

~ Panache Desai

As a recovering control freak, this reminder is helpful for letting go, and I tried to do just that this past week.   My family enjoyed a week in Florida.  There was the time zone change and then the daylight savings change.  There were unplanned adventures, both good and not so good.  It was kind of fun to simply trust that anything and everything that happened, we could handle.  It made it much more fun to accept what is and enjoy it all.

When I had a rare moment alone the last day, sitting at the beach, I realized that I wasn’t letting myself relax and enjoy the surrounding sounds and sights.  I put down my phone and watched the waves.  I thought about our travel experiences.  I felt grateful.  I breathed into it all.

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