Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is CREATE.  “The best part about creating something is being in the moment, relishing the creativity you’re experiencing, and letting your actions guide you to an end goal.  Then you can step back and admire your work!”

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” ~ Scott Adams

And hence, this card that I made for my best friend’s birthday.  It’s so busy because I had to keep adding additional elements to cover up mistakes!

Soon (Sunday, July 1 as part of our One Little Word bloghop) I’ll be able to share with you a fun project I’m working on.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of “process” photos that give nothing away.  I found that it’s the process of experimentation that is the opportunity to grow.  I was having a blast playing and using a completely different part of my brain than I usually do.  

Both of these photos make me absolutely giddy because I’m usually “creating” on the computer, editing pictures, making scrapbooks, participating in online classes, blogging, etc.  It’s quite fun to create with tangible supplies for a change.  I’ve been motivated to organize my craft supplies, which is awesome because then I’ll use them more.  Still, this piece of machinery spends more time with me than my husband does, so allow me to portray it as well…

Share what comes to mind when you hear the word “create…”

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7 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

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  2. Madelaine says:

    I love that first quotation. 🙂

  3. Cathy H. says:

    Lovely card for your friend! That’s one thing I haven’t done much of, make cards! I’m also looking forward to what you’re doing with that lucsious pink paint!! When I here the word create, I think of scrapbook pages!

  4. Me too, but it’s fun to think about branching out!

  5. kelly says:

    i could not agree more – i love tactile crafts. i spend so much (too much) time in front of the computer for work, photography. nice to get my hands dirty. literally. 🙂 your card turned out great. i’m sure your friend will be touched by your lovely creation. 🙂

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