The gifts of being human

I’m obviously very focused right now on Jo Anna and her coaching groups.  This past week, my Daily Gift e-mail had a link to an article she wrote about a month ago called The Gifts of Being Human

“When the the world begins to feel like an impos­si­ble feat, it is often here that peo­ple run from their divine con­nec­tion…  They cut them­selves off from the joy of being human…and from the spir­i­tual con­nec­tion that is the essence of who they are…  What if the answer is to love what you do? Love where you are.  Love and be in joy no mat­ter what the exter­nal dra­ma­rama is.  For me, this all starts with an appre­ci­a­tion of the gifts of being human…the gifts that make being in this world some­thing spe­cial.  Being human is priv­i­lege.  And it comes with delights of the senses that are truly remark­able.”

Then she gives her list of what she “truly adore[s] about liv­ing this life as a human being.” I was inspired to think about what exactly my physical senses add to my life, what I really enjoy about living.  Most of them I’d already thought of in my list over on the right-hand side of the blog under “Things I Love.” I’d like to add a few more.

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